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Deck flowers 2011

Climbing plants on deck

Front yard bird feeder

Bird feeder in front yard

USS Missouri

USS Missouri built by me for display @ Crane Defense Systems 1985

WWII Japanese Type 95 Tank

Marx Iwo Jima play set hand painted with model of Japanese type 95 tank 54mm.

Seige Tower and Castle

King & Country MK007 Siege Tower with hand crafted 54mm castle wall by with Timpo knights & Vikings castle built to spec
Hand painted castle from German 1968

Hand painted castle that I got while in Germany in 1968 that I mounted on a piece of plywood & painted as a diorama

Timpo Roman Soldiers with Chariots

Blue Timpo Chariot & hand painted model Chariots with Timpo Roman Soldiers

Marx Iwo Jima play set hand painted

Marx Iwo Jima play set hand painted; thanks Mark

Enterrprise 1701 A B D E

All my Playmates & Diamond Select Star Trek Ships

Enterprise 1701 Blue Prints

Enterprise 1701 Blue Prints


Flower Gallery